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2020 Indian Affairs Day
Craft Projects
The following craft projects are available for an additional fee
Spirit Feather Kit

Spirit Feather Craft Kit

This craft kit features a feather that has been hand painted to look like a golden eagle feather and the material to make your own leather wrapped spirit feather. These can be used to hang on your hat, pow wow regalia, or wherever you like. This is a great way to introduce yourself to basic feather and leather work.

The spirit feather craft kit includes one feather, one wide strip of deer hide leather for wrapping around the quill, 2 thinner strips of deer hide leather to use the the ties, 2 glass beads to pull onto the leather ties, and printed instructions. Not included in this kit that you will need is rubber cement type craft glue and scissors sharp enough to cut leather.

One spirit feather kit is included with the $15 cost for the Cahuilla Lodge Indian Affairs Day. Additional kits are available for $5 each.

Ceremonial Arrow Craft Kit

Ceremonial Arrow Craft Kit

The Ceremonial Arrow kit is a great small project for Scouts. The cost is $14.99 each.

Indian Lore Kit

Indian Lore All in One Merit Badge Craft Kit

This kit is a great comprehensive set details the requirements a Scout needs to complete to achieve the Indian Lore Merit Badge, and also includes crafts that apply directly to earning the badge.

The kit includes the pieces to make one dreamcatcher, one leather pouch, one Proud Hunter necklace and one teepee. This is a great kit for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

*PLEASE NOTE- The Indian Lore merit badge councelor will not accept the Proud Hunter Necklace and teepee to satisfy the requirements for Indian Lore merit badge.

The cost for this kit is $12.99 each.

Rock Painting Kit

Rock Painting Kit

This kit is just for fun. There is no experience necessary, even if you have never painted before. Step by step instructions will be provided by a local artist.

All materials provided (rock, paint, brushes, and sealer).

Great for all ages. The cost is $10 per kit.

Medicine Wheel Kit

Flat Fringe Wrapped Medicine Wheel

Also known as the 4 winds symbol and cycle of life, the medicine wheel is a widely recognized symbol to many Native American tribes. It comes in many designs colors, but the most recognizable are the Lakota medicine wheel colors. Red, black, yellow and white each represent the 4 sacred directions.

Flat fringe is an old style ribbon type fringe that is popular for Native American pow wow dancers to use on the dance regalia. These medicine wheel kits include red, black, yellow, and white colored flat fringe to wrap on one medicine wheel blank. Not included with this kit that you will need is rubber cement used for crafts and scissors. The finished medicine wheel measures 2 inches across.

These kits are good for scouts of all ages and older cub scouts. The cost is $5 each.

Arrow Kit

Arrow Kit

These arrow kits can be a great introduction to tools used for Native American hunting techniques. These are hunting style arrows with obsidian arrowheads. These kits include a wood arrow shaft, one obsidian arrowhead, 3 feather to use for fletching, and the artificial sinew for wrapping the arrowhead and fletching.

Not included with this kit that you will need is a razor or exacto knife for splitting the feathers, scissors for cutting the artificial sinew and trimming the feather fletching, and Elmers wood glue.

These kits are best for scouts 12 years of age and older. The cost is $12 per kit.

3 Feather Fan Kit

Feather fans are used for ceremonial use as well as by Native American pow wow dancers. Different fan designs can represent a person's family, warrior society, position in the tribe, a person's clan, or even their tribe. These feather fan kits are a great introduction on how to make a simple, yet great looking, 3 feather fan.

Included with this kit are 3 hand painted feather to look like golden eagle feathers, feather fluffs, wood fan handle, and 2 strips of gold colored deer hide leather to cut the fringe and wrap the fan handle.

Not included with this kit is rubber cement glue for crafts, a high temperature glue gun, and scissors.

These kits are great for scouts over 12 years of age. The cost is $25 per kit.