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National Trails Day Lake Perris Cleanup
Kayaks and canoes are limited and are first come first serve during registration
Please make sure you read all the information on the flyer - Flyer
The following forms are needed to be downloaded, filled out and brought with you to the service project:
Name Chapter/Unit A/Y
Asher Gonsalves 1701 Youth
Carson Gonsalves 1701 Youth
Jacob Patterson 176 Youth
James Patterson 176 Adult
Lou Patterson 176 Adult
Alix Barron 2206 Youth
Abhaya Brahmkshatri 251G Youth
DJ Gonsalves 76 Adult
Parker Gonsalves 76 Youth
James Hermes Aca Adult
Lucas Stiede ACA / Troop 262 Youth
Curtis Stiede ACA/Troop 262 Adult
Jude Moreno Agua Caliente Youth
Dacota Chahuilla Lodge/Troop 374 Youth
Bernadette Flicker Crew 76 Youth
sally Ruth flicker Crew 76 Youth
Bobby Lopez Pack 1887 Adult
Luke Davis Pack 1887 Youth
Simon Lopez Pack 1887 Youth
Angela Penaflor Pack 393 Adult
Ankit Brahmkshatri Pack 393 Adult
Devesh Brahmkshatri Pack 393 Youth
Jeremiah Penaflor Pack 393 Youth
Maksim Agars Pack 393 Youth
Viara Agars Pack 393 Adult
James Troncoso Troop 129 Youth
Cheryl Belandres Troop 1701 Adult
Manuel Belandres Troop 1701 Youth
Daniel Davalos Troop 176 Youth
Ed Davalos Troop 1887 Adult
Heather Davis Russell troop 1887 Adult
Purvi Brahmkshatri Troop 251 G Adult
Cindy Stiede Troop 262 Adult
Christopher flicker Troop 451 Adult
sally flicker Troop 451 Adult
TJ Tarascio Troop 703 Youth
Melissa Tarascio Troop 803 Adult
Cynthia Blessum Wanakik Adult
Michael Hare Wanakik Adult
Viviana Davalos Wanakik Youth