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Cahuilla Lodge # 127 is the local Order of the Arrow lodge supporting the California Inland Empire Council # 45 based in Redlands, California.
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Section Conclave

Candidate Ordeal Registration

Ordeal #1  May 3 - May 5

Ordeal #2  August 16 - 18

If you are a candidate for the Order of the Arrow, you will need to complete an Ordeal this year.

The Ordeals will be at Camp Emerson and you will need to pick one.

The registration link is below and cost is $50.

Online Registration


Member Ordeal Registration

Ordeal #1  May 3 - May 5

Ordeal #2  August 16 - 18

We need your help as we try to rebuild from the last couple of years. Come and help our candidates become new members in the OA.

We are looking for general members, Elangomats and ceremony teams.

The Ordeals will be at Camp Emerson and the cost varies based on registration type. 

Members Online Registration



Adventure Weekend Service

We need Scouts and Scouters to help with various activities throughout the day.

This is a great opportunity to give service to all of our packs/troops in our Council. Whether it's helping with the pancake breakfast, the BBQ dinner, staffing the camping promotion booth, or working on OA Island, we need your help.

Sign up now and be of cheerful service.

Pancake Breakfast

OA Island

BBQ Dinner

Lodgemaster Member Portal

Lodgemaster is the National Order of the Arrow computer records system.

It is used to keep track of members, events, and communications and is now available for all members.

You can view and update your personal information, view/print your membership card and see the calendar of events..

Future releases should have event signups, and dues payment.


If you don't have access yet, email the and request your portal invitation today!

2024 Lodge Dues

Pay Dues Online

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Lodgemaster Member Portal
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50th Anniversary Call of Cahuilla

50th Call of The Cahuilla


Get new ideas on where to take your unit camping
Where to go Camping Guide

Medical A-B for OA events

Lodge Events
  1. 7/25/2024 - LEC
  2. 7/28/2024 - NOAC
  3. 8/16/2024 - Ordeal
  4. 8/22/2024 - LEC

Chapter Events
  1. 4/4/2024 - Tahquitz Chapter Meeting
  2. 5/2/2024 - Tahquitz Chapter Meeting
  3. 6/6/2024 - Tahquitz Chapter Meeting
  4. 7/4/2024 - Tahquitz Chapter Meeting

Section Events
  1. 8/23/2024 - Section Conclave