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Cahuilla Lodge # 127 is the local Order of the Arrow lodge supporting the California Inland Empire Council # 45 based in Redlands, California.
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Emerson Service Weekend

May 15, 2021

Camp Emerson needs volunteers to help with staffing at the Emerson Program Weekend.

Come out with your fellow Arrowmen and provide some service to camp!

There is no charge for this event, but you will need to register with the link below. Staffing will be limited so sign up today!


Do not sign up for the Program Weekend on the councils website unless you are attending as a participant.


Community Service

May 22 - 8 AM

Please come out and help with weed and small brush clearing for the Temescal Day Camp archery. The service day is hosted by Cahuilla Lodge and Navajo Chapter of the Order of the Arrow.

Vantage Point Church - Eastvale


Please register for this service so we know how many to expect.


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Indian Affairs LLD

Indian Affairs LLD

August 7 - 9AM to 4PM

Craft Projects, Skills Exhibitions
Special Presentations
Ceremony Team Judging Class

All fees for crafts Indian Affairs Day are due by July 24, registration for the event closes August 2. Please Note: The hand drum class must be paid for by June 1.


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NOAC 2022

Registration Coming Soon


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Upcoming Service
  1. 5/15/2021 - Emerson Service Program
  2. 6/5/2021 - National Trails Day
  3. 9/25/2021 - Adventure Weekend

Lodge Events
  1. 5/27/2021 - LEC
  2. 6/24/2021 - LEC
  3. 7/9/2021 - Ordeal #2
  4. 7/22/2021 - LEC

Chapter Events
  1. 5/13/2021 - A-tsa Chapter Meeting
  2. 5/13/2021 - Wanakik Chapter Meeting
  3. 5/19/2021 - Serrano Chapter Meeting
  4. 6/1/2021 - Aca Agua Caliente Clan Meeting

Section Events
  1. 10/8/2021 - Conclave