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Call of the Cahuilla

Decorative PictureThe Call of the Cahuilla is the Official, quarterly-published, newsletter of Cahuilla Lodge # 127. It is a call to all members, offering news, programs, and promotion of the Order of the Arrow and its events.

The Call of the Cahuilla was started in 1974 by Kevin Walker as the logical successor to the Tahquitz Talk, which was the newsletter of Tahquitz Lodge # 127.

Wisumahi Lodge # 478 also had a newsletter called the Wisumahi Words of Wisdom. To date, we have not found any of these older newsletters but we hope to someday.


Due to the inclusion of addresses and phone numbers in older editions, The Call was password protected. The password for these editions is the admonition.

If you are looking for archived newsletters, please visit the Call of the Cahuilla archive. If you have an old copy of The Call that we don't have here, be sure to get it to the 3rd Vice Chief and we will get it posted and returned.