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Cahuilla Lodge Executive Committee

Hello Cahuilla Lodge.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your 2023 Lodge Chief.
I'm looking forward to the many events and service projects planned for the year with my leadership team.

Yours in cheerful service,

Alex Truax
2023 Cahuilla Lodge Chief

Brothers in the Wimachtendienk,

Welcome to 2023! I want to thank Alpha Yam and his Lodge Executive Committee for their dedication to the California Inland Empire Council’s out-door program, service and leadership development. I congratulate them on their 2022 accomplishments in the areas of service to council and community. Each year our performance as measured by the PMP continues to improve. Each year we build upon the legacy of service and leadership in Cahuilla Lodge, and 2022 was a prime example of this.

This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary as Cahuilla Lodge and we have many activities and projects planned. With Lodge Leadership Development conferences, National Leadership Seminars, and hosting both the section Conclave and Fall Fellowship. These and many other events we have planned will give us the opportunity to learn more and enhance our service and leadership.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Adviser to the Cahuilla Lodge Chief and I look forward to another great year.

Yours in Service,

Michael Hare

2023 Cahuilla Lodge Adviser

Lodge Officers

Lodge Chief - Ryan Yau Lodge Adviser - Cynthia Blessum
1st Vice Chief - - Adviser - -
2nd Vice Chief - - Adviser - -
3rd Vice Chief - - Adviser - -
Secretary - - Adviser - -
Treasurer - - Adviser - -
Staff Adviser - Patrick Willard

Chapter Officers

Aca Chapter Chief
Gabriel George
Chapter Adviser - James Hermes
A-tsa Chapter Chief
Jim Lenfesty
Chapter Adviser - David Lesyna
Navajo Chapter Chief
Carson Ruhnke
Chapter Adviser - Bryant Walker
Serrano Chapter Chief
Andrew Klopping
Chapter Adviser - Charles Haeffner
Tahquitz Chapter Chief
Matthew DeWitt
Chapter Adviser - Keith Weinrich
Wanakik Chapter Chief
Nicholas Lozano
Chapter Adviser - Summer Pearson