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Cahuilla Lodge Executive Committee

Hello Cahuilla Lodge.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your 2021 Lodge Chief.
I'm looking forward to the many events and service projects planned for the year with my leadership team.

Yours in cheerful service,

Victor Vargas III
Cahuilla Lodge Chief, 2021

My Brothers,

I am honored to serve as the Cahuilla Lodge Adviser for this year.
We have many exciting things coming up and are encouraging everyone to get involved. There will be many activities planned through out the year.

I encourage everyone to start promoting events more at, not only the Chapter level but also to the troops, crews and ships. Start bringing a fellow Arrowman to the events. I hope everyone has a great year and gets more involved than ever. Thank you for all your support and help.

Jorge De La Torre
Cahuilla Lodge Adviser, 2021

Lodge Officers

Lodge Chief - Victor Vargas III Lodge Adviser - Jorge De La Torre
1st Vice Chief - Alpha Yam Adviser - Anna De La Torre
2nd Vice Chief - Atticus Leveck Adviser - Michael Hare
3rd Vice Chief - Andrew Klopping Adviser - James Hermes
Secretary - Nicholas Ornelaz-Perez Adviser - Beatrice Vargas
Treasurer - Julian De La Torre Adviser - Ron Price
Staff Adviser - Jordan McCandless

Chapter Officers

Aca Chapter Chief
Colton Charles
Chapter Adviser - James Hermes
A-tsa Chapter Chief
Eric Castaneda
Chapter Adviser - David Lesyna
Navajo Chapter Chief
Nate Mackin / Luke Park
Chapter Adviser - Eric Jones
Serrano Chapter Chief
Andrew Klopping
Chapter Adviser - Ray Romo
Tahquitz Chapter Chief
Adam Truax
Chapter Adviser - Keith Weinrich
Wanakik Chapter Chief
Viviana Davalos
Chapter Adviser - Michael Hare