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National Trails Day Lake Perris Cleanup
Kayaks and canoes are limited and are first come first serve during registration
Please make sure you read all the information on the flyer - Flyer
The following forms are needed to be downloaded, filled out and brought with you to the service project: Lunch will be potluck. Please let us know what you will be bringing.
Name Chapter/Unit Potluck A/Y
Manuel B 127 seafood snack Youth
Morgan McInerney 1701 Youth
Sydney Dinga 1701 Chips Adult
Chutima Seng 210 30 Ice cream sandwiches Youth
Jerry Baker 210 30 Ice cream sandwiches Adult
Hunter Brooks 384 Pinwheel Wraps Youth
Jonathan Brooks 584 Cut watermelon wedges Adult
Rylee Brooks 584 Chips Youth
Jessica Arthur 77 TBD Adult
Thomas Arthur 77 Youth
Asher Gonsalves Aca Veggie Tray Youth
Cheryl Belandres Aca deviled eggs Adult
Connor Calhoun Aca See Mike Calhoun Youth
Ethan Calhoun Aca See Mike Calhoun Youth
James Garrison Aca Cheese quesadillas Youth
James Hermes Aca Adult
Ken Charles Aca TBD Adult
Manuel Belandres Aca fried lumpia Youth
Mike Calhoun Aca Brownies or Cookies Adult
Parker Gonsalves Aca Dessert Adult
Timmothy Garrison Aca Ramen Adult
Douglas Cheley Jr Pack 332 See Mr Cheley. Youth
Hunter Wing Pack 384 Pinwheels Youth
Jason Wing Pack 384 Chips Adult
Caitlin Cheley Tahquitz See Mr Cheley Youth
Douglas Cheley Sr Tahquitz Pinwheels Adult
Isabella Hagen Tahquitz Youth
Mari Bailey Tahquitz Fruit plate Adult
Michael Bailey Tahquitz Vege plate Youth
Austin Wing Troop 384 Cuties Youth
Abigail Cube Troop 584 Youth
Athena Bailey Troop 584 Muffins Youth
Destiny Lara Troop 584 Youth
Evalyn Cheley Troop 584 See Mr. Cheley Youth
Katherine Messin Troop 584 Youth
Will Lara Troop 584 TBD Adult
Kevin Cook Troop 77 TBD Adult
Stephen Cook Troop 77 TBD Youth
Michael Hare Wanakik drinks Adult

Adults - 16
Youth - 23
Total - 39