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National Trails Day Lake Perris Cleanup
Kayaks and canoes are limited and are first come first serve during registration
Please make sure you read all the information on the flyer - Flyer
The following forms are needed to be downloaded, filled out and brought with you to the service project: Lunch will be potluck. Please let us know what you will be bringing.
Please read all of the information below so you can be prepared for the event

I'd like to thank you for joining us for the National Trails Day shoreline cleanup at Lake Perris State Recreation Area this Saturday, June 5.
I'd like to give you a few reminders of the schedule and of what you and your fellow scouts will need to bring for the Saturday morning service project.

  • We will be meeting at 7AM in Lot 6 at Lake Perris to begin check in and start the service project. It will take us a few minutes to set up check in and get the kayaks off the trailers. Click here for a map to Lot 6 and Sail Cove at Lake Perris SRA.
  • Please have the following ready to turn in at check in: your BSA medical form with parts A and B completed, the Lake Perris Volunteer Service Agreement Form or Juvenile Volunteer Form. Each of these forms is required in order to participate in the service project. We will be returning everyone's BSA medical forms as they checkout from the service project. A copy of these forms can be downloaded from the links above.
  • We will be working in two groups. One group will be working from the shoreline and the other group will be on the water in kayaks.
  • Anyone that will be in the on water group or paddling the boats during the afternoon free time will need to bring proof of completing a Scouts BSA swim check. This can be as simple as a short letter from a certified lifeguard or your scoutmaster.
  • Everyone will need to bring their own water, snacks, work gloves, work clothes, wide brimmed hats, sunscreen, and 10 essentials. If you will be participating in the on water part of the service project, please remember to wear clothes that can get wet and no cotton clothes. We ask for no cotton clothes because cotton doesn't insulate you in the cool water and tends to not dry off quickly. Clothes made from synthetic materials is advised. Please also wear appropriate footwear that can get wet. Canvas shoes such as vans or water shoes are perfect, Flip Flops are not advised.
  • We will be winding down the service projects around 11:30PM. We will be paddling the kayaks back to the boat launch at Lot 6 to load the boats back on to the trailers. Lunch will follow at Sail Cove next to the dam. After lunch there will be an open free time for people to have the opportunity to paddle the kayaks during the afternoon. Please see the link above for a map of how to get to Sail Cove.
  • The lunch will be a potluck. Please bring enough food for 12 servings.
  • In accordance with the safe guide to scouting, cub scouts will not be allowed to participate with the on water part group during the service project. They will have to be a part of the group working from the shoreline. However, the cub scouts will be allowed to use the kayaks during the afternoon free time after lunch in Sail Cove.
  • We will have several awnings setup at Sail Cove for shade, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • The group working from the shoreline will be picking up trash along the eastern part of the lake with a riparian shoreline. The on water group will be picking up trash at Alessandro Island and along the shoreline that can't be accessed from land due to the brush.
  • Currently, we have enough kayaks to accommodate everyone that wants to be in the on water group during the service project. If for some reason we run short of boats then priority will be given to those individuals that registered for the service project early. We will be providing all of the life jackets and paddles for the kayaks.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me at email or phone 760-406-3555. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday morning.

James Hermes
Aca Chapter Adviser
Cahuilla Lodge #127
Order of the Arrow